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Spotlight report on the implementation of SDG 4: Quality Education in Georgia

What is the status of SDG 4 implementation in Georgia? What progress is the country making toward quality education for all, and what challenges does it face? 

These are the questions addressed in the Spotlight report on SDG 4 implementation in Georgia, which focuses on the period after the publication of the second Voluntary National Report in 2020. The authors examine the progress and hurdles in implementing the SDG agenda in education. Their main focus is on Target 4.1, which calls for a significant increase in the number of qualified teachers by 2030. The Spotlight Report not only provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current education landscape, but also addresses the legislative initiatives that underlie it. It also contains a series of recommendations aimed at both the Georgian government and civil society, aiming to facilitate the achievement of SDG 4 and further improve the state of education in Georgia.

The “Spotlight Report on the Implementation of SDG 4: Quality Education in Georgia” is the result of the joint cooperation between the Education Coalition and Dekabristen e.V. (Germany) with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office

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